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Writer's Block: Doppelganger Week

I've heard from several people that I look like Audrey Tautou and Joan Jett...I can't see any likeness apart from Joan's hair xD

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

Had today off and thought I'd sleep until lunch or so. Um, not really :P Dad phoned me shortly after 10, asking if I had anything planned for today. When I sleepily replied I hadn't, he asked if I wanted to join him to the cottage over the day.
He picked me up 15 minutes later, and we went out to the east coast. Can't recall last time I got dressed and had breakfast in less than 15 mintues...xD

The weather was beautiful today, sunny and about -3C. :) It was lovely to come out and get some fresh air, it's a great difference between the air in the city and out there by the sea. I haven't been there since New Years, so it was nice to be back. I feel more at peace out there. <3 ^^
I had a walk in the forest by the shoreline after lunch and then helped Dad a bit before we had a quick look at the harbour and then went home.

Now I'm sitting here with clemmyjovi, waiting for Mr Rodgers to come on My Planet Rocks in....45 minutes. xD

Here are some photos from today. :)

Photos Of The East CoastCollapse )

Captions Behind The CutCollapse )
I and  clemmyjovi couldn't leave the pictures un-captioned... :P


We're Not Worthy!

I got my copy of Bohemian Rhapsodies on my birthday, and read it the same evening. Found myself and several friends from QOL featured, which was really fun to read.

Also, there were stories and quotes by celebrities, and I read Neil Murray's story about when he jumped in for Danny during Q+PR's Cardiff gig in 2008. That story was brilliant, and he said they did the "We're not worthy" from Wayne's World at him during the show. I decided to look it up on Youtube, and I did find it! I've seen the video four times already and I'm still giggling. <3

Jan. 4th, 2012

I'll end this evening with this one;



Purple Videos

Three of my videos from the Deep Purple show on Friday. The first two are from Perfect Strangers, and the third is Roger's bass solo before Black Night. :)

I love how the orchestra makes the song even more dramatic. <3

Is it just me, or does it sound a bit like WWRY at one point? x)

Hope you guys can watch them, LJ seem to dislike me posting videos sometimes... :/

Deep Purple WIth Orchestra

Went to see Deep Purple with Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt Orchestra on Friday. WOW. I almost don’t know where to begin! I’ll try to give you a proper review... :P
We Aaaall Came Out To Hoooovet...Collapse )

Dec. 4th, 2011

I stumbled over this picture and as the captioneers me and clemmyjovi are, we couldn't resist....

clemmyjovi: At least it doesn't look as if you (Simon) had put some knitting needles into a socket...

(Really, I thought I'd die laughing. xD)

Simon: "dear children: Don't try that at home! You don't want to look like Paul, trust me!"
Paul: "*smells air* Is it just me ,or does it smell like something's burnt??"


Paul: "Oh GREAT! I try to take a nap and you storm in here to show me a photo album! I'm not happy, Simon!"
Simon: "And look here, this is from..."

International World AIDS Day

Good people, will we let these children die?
So we get less mouths to feed
Or shall we succumb them and minister to them in their hour of need?
AIDS is the terror our children must fear
AIDS is the name we shudder just to hear
AIDS is the word at the back of our minds
AIDS is like no other, the threat of all mankind
AIDS is a call to tear the boundaries down
The issue we must clearly face now


I and clemmyjovi had another caption marathon again last night, and I thought I'd share it on here... ;)
Our dear Paul was the victim again, poor thing. xD We love you, Pauliepoos ^^

Captions behind The CutCollapse )